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NameTypeDescription                                       Tools


IASSIST 2016 - Odum WorkshopEducational SupportOdum Institute workshop at IASSIST to provide hands-on experience integrating Dataverse with iRODS. Dataverse, iRODS Cloudbrowsser, iRODS iCAT PostgreSQL, TwoRavens

Workshop held on May 31, 2016, 27 registered/active users

NDSC6 Hack-dayEducational SupportNDS Docker tutorial

Workshop held on October 19, 2016, 20 active user

Phenome 2017Educational SupportTERRA-REF workshop demonstrating use of custom Jupyter/Rstudio environments to analyze data products. Cloud9 Python environment for pyClowder, Docker, File Manager, Hyperspectral/NCO, Jupyter/NetCDF4, Jupyter/PlantCV, JupyterLab for pyClowder, RStudio Geospatial, RStudio Server

Workshop held on February 10, 2017, 53 registered users 23 active users

University of Washington iSchool PilotEducational SupportApplication of Labs Workbench as sandbox for iSchool Data Curation curriculum allowing students to launch private instances of data management services such as DSpace, Dataverse, etc. CKAN, Dataverse, FIDO, SQL Workbench, Oxygen, EIS Archiver, ...

Spring 2017, INF598H - Advanced Data Curation
EarthCubeData Analysis ToolsServe as a resource to increase exposure and allow others to utilize EarthCube Building Blocks software/services. CINERGI, SuAVE, GeoDeepDive, OntoSoft, GeoWS, ...

EarthCube 2017 All Hands Meeting, June 7 - June 9 2017

PI4 BootcampData Analysis ToolsUsed for two-week course on the use and analysis of large and complex data based on the TERRA-REF dataset. Jupyter, NetCDF4, PlantCV, OpenREfine, RStudio

Ran May 26 - June 9, 2017, 30 students participating
2017 North American Einstein Toolkit School and WorkshopEducational Support Jupyter/Einstein Toolkit

Ran August 3 - 4 2017, 30 participants
ThinkChicagoEducational SupportThree day hackathon exploring novel tools addressing city of chicago data centric challenges. Cloud9, Jupyter, RStudio, PHP, MongoDB, Postgres, ...

Ran August 2 - August 4, 2017, 200 participants
DataDriveAgEducational SupportCraig Willis?Craig Willis?Two-day hackathon as part of workshop on big-data approaches to agricultural research in cooperation with TERRA-REF

February 26 - February 27, 70? ~80 participants
TERRA-REFData Analysis ToolsLabs Workbench platform is being extended to replace current "Tool Launcher" service to enable broader container-based analysis of TERRA-REF data.

TERRA-REF development team working into feature roadmap
CyverseData Analysis ToolsCyverse is currently exploring the possibility of 1) using Labs Workbench to support interactive analysis of data stored in the Cyverse DataStore or 2) for workshops and training, similar to Phenome workshop above.

DIBBs Whole TaleData Analysis ToolsWholeTale is investigating solutions for container management. Some sort of collaboration or compatibility should be considered.