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DatasetDescriptionAPISize (Format)Records

2FM Tech Challenge

Fleet and Facilities Management (2FM) vehicle and equipment data.N/A534M CSV
Array of Things LocationsLocations of Array of Things sensor nodes.REST API6.5K CSV; 28K JSON

Crimes 2001 - present

Incidents of crime since 2001.REST API1.5G CSV6.39 million

Divvy Trips

Individual Divvy bike sharing trips, including the origin, destination, and timestamps for each tripREST API2.8G CSV11.5 million

Divvy Bicycle Stations (historical)

Historical availability of bicycles and docks to return bicycles at the Divvy stations.REST API14G CSV87 million

Taxi Trips

Taxi trips reported to the City of Chicago.REST API42GB CSV111 million rows

Each of these datasets is available in the /shared directory of any running application in Workbench. 

Note that some of these files are large and you will not be able to read the entire file into memory.  Please prepare accordingly (and see resource limits below).  You can either work with subsets of the data (via commands like head -1000) or use the provided REST APIs.


What applications are available?