2018-06-07 Meeting notes




Discussion items


NDS UpdateChristine
  • Coldframe proposal
  • Discussion of NCSA funding of NDS and future evolution
  • Changes
    • Suspended steering committed due to redundancy with exec committee
    • Exec committee meeting moved to quarterly
  • KC Q: TAC moving to quarterly?

Proposal updatesChristine 
  • NSF Open Storage Network announcement
    • Originated at NDS7 (Chicago)
  • NSF CHEESE Cybersecurity training
    • Workbench as training platform
    • CyberCorps/SFS
  • IMLS - PresQT
    • Implementation component


Development updateCraig

Action items

  • Craig Willis  – blogs/news posts
  • chard Craig Willis – schedule quarterly meetings, next meeting with deep dive into one or more proposals (OSN etc)