2017-05-09 Meeting notes




Discussion items

  • NDS7 Review

    • EarthCube interested in collaboration. They would like to add building blocks to workbench, would like to encourage users to use the workbench

      • Will attend all hands meeting - working group opportunities?

      • Recently had a broad architecture defined

      • Funding opportunities?

      • Earthcube TAC member?

        • Lets ask Rebecca for suggestions (Christine).

 TAC membership Kyle
  • Earthcube, storage network, compute canada?
  • TAC to propose names and rank

DataDNS updateChristine
  • Meeting to discuss how to get started

  • Initial focus working out what needs to be set up on compute systems

    • Container execution model

  • Work out how to make systems discoverable

Organizing TAC information on the wiki

  • TAC charter (Christine will find)
  • Pilot evaluation process (Jim)
  • Link to NDS share document (Jim)
  • Where should we put the Pilot list?
    • The NDS public website for high level descriptions
    • We should keep full pilot information on the wiki

Pilot reviewAll
  • Official pilots - link to the submission document
    • Bringing visibility to Food Security data Results: Harvests of PRAGMA and RDA
    • SBGrid (Pete Myer)
    • Materials resource registry (Sharif)
    • Universal Accessible Data PUblication(Jim Myers)
    • Funded projects link to award/website
  • Funded
    • MDF
    • Whole Tale
    • KnowEng
  • Pending
    • Prototype Environment for Practicing Reproducibility in Computational Research (Lindy Ryan, Rutgers)
  • Completed

Next meeting
June 7, 10am CST
  • Action items

  • Christine Kirkpatrick earthcube TAC member
  • @Website needs to be updated with new TAC members
  • James Myers will look for TAC docs e.g. NDS Share draft charter and move them to confluence - was already in confluence under discussion - moved that page under TAC page.
  • All add to the list on current pilots (Christine Kirkpatrick add missing ones from your list)
  • Next meeting we will put in buckets
  • @chard send email with NDS pilot proposals