2017-11-02 Meeting notes




Discussion items


Supercomputing plansChristine Kirkpatrick
 NSF RFI on mid-scale infrastructure James Myers
  • NSF MRI capped at 4m; MREFC (e.g., Neon, etc) at 100m
  • RFI for middle ground (4 < x < 100) could be NDS or NDS slice
  • Can we use this as a vehicle to fund some aspect of NDS?
  • Due in December sometime
  • These are things we need to flesh out even if there isn't immediate funding.
  • Are there other proposal/opportunities?
    • IMLS needs letter of support
    • Cybersecurity proposal participation
    • Metabolomics workbench (already in)
    • Industry contracts
  • Sounds like this is worth pursuing

NDS8Christine Kirkpatrick
  • Will update website
  • 2/7- 2/9 (TAC meeting on 2/7; full day on 2/8; half day 2/9)
  • Focus: FRDR; layering services on storage, e.g. North East Storage Exchange (NESE) and Open Storage Network (OSN)

QCMC-DBCraig Willis
  • Status unknown; prototypes were running

Review of the October roadmapCraig Willis
  • Review of roadmap notes

Action items