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What NDS Labs Provides

  • Cloud based computational/storage resources, e.g. Virtual Machines, towards development efforts aligned with the NDSC Charter/Vision

  • NDS Labs Workbench
    • Packaged, modular, and easily deployable services currently being explored and utilized towards addressing scientific data needs (e.g. NSF, NIST, NIH efforts such as the DataNETs, DIBBs, SSE/SSI program, etc.)
      • Broken down into reusable / potentially interchangeable / individually scalable components
      • Faster deployment (pre-packaged containers vs having to wait for each dependency to be installed)
      • Broader user pool for contributing components
    • Low level API interface by which to standup NDSC Services
    • High level user friendly interface by which to standup NDSC Services



Getting Access

  • Pilot projects:
    • Users/developers can request access to NDS Labs by submitting a pilot project proposal briefly describing their effort and how it