2018-02-01 Meeting notes



  • chard

  • Jim
  • Christine
  • Kenton
  • Craig


Discussion items


Participated in international advisory board

Similar mission to NDS 

  • B2Access, B2Drop, B2Share, etc.

Potential for an NDS/EUDAT pilot

  • Find a researcher who needs to collaborate with others in the EU

European centers have a strong focus on data and integration with PRACE

OpenAire open access publication that supports upload of notebooks. 

Interesting models for operating with centers and institutions. 

Some reluctance to adopt or hand over management of storage. 


Opportunities for partnering in training data stewards, software for fair-ifying data in workbench, etc.

Widespread engagement in Europe and the US 

Would NDS be interested in being part of this in the US?

How does this relate to the commons and NIH

  • Training and expertise could provide value here
  • Tools and software needed for training

Open storage network
Still waiting on award


Repository recommender

Data DNS


Need to come up with a plan and engage appropriate people. 

Ag data

Relation to TERA-REF project

Involved in USDA meeting will try and support the hackathon on workbench

~70 participants

Action items