2017-10-05 Meeting notes




Discussion items

  • RDA update
  • Interest group on data science summer schools in the developing world
    • Host workshops in places with limited data science training
    • Potential for use of NDS workbench as a platform
  • NDS meeting
    • Discussion about what we should focus on
    • Focus on consortium
  • RDA adoption project with NDS
    • Aim to facilitate RDA outputs in a technical form
  • Canadian NDS workshop
  • Internet of foods conference
    • Building ontologies for food
    • Potential collaboration

  • RDMI workshop

  • Series of workshops 
  • Summary: previous workshops there hadn't been much implementation. This time more software shown off: NDS, Globus, etc. 
  • NSF engagement
  • Subgroup pushing on the ideas of HTML for data, that didn't prescribe what you'd find but a common syntax could be a good start to get things moving
  • Calls coming out that would likely be relevant
  • In the future we should think about a position paper

  • NAS Symposium - Toward an Open Science Enterprise: Focus on Stakeholders

  • http://sites.nationalacademies.org/PGA/brdi/PGA_181288
  • Planning of next phase to define cyberinfrastructure 
  • Updates from various people related to open science
  • Takeaways
    • Many solutions presented with different levels of maturity
    • Data management plans → cost of open science in funded awards → lifespans for datasets? 
  • Kenton presented use cases encountered in NDS
    • How to enable open science without impeding open science
  • Funding competition possibly doesn't help these things
  • Update on pilots/potential pilots
    • Einstein Toolkit pilot instance
    • Bridging Big Data/NBI data hosting pilot 
    • QMCDB

 Einstein toolkit pilot

  • Request for longer term instance to support tutorial/training
  • Description coming for the workshop

Bridging big data (Omaha workshop)

  • Pilot with Midwest big data hub
  • Host widely used bridge dataset.
  • Hosting mongo DB and group developing a jupyter notebook that uses this database


  • Mongo DB from Blue Waters run
  • Researcher still interested in that data being available (it is currently down and not available)

One common theme here is that people are interested in NDS hosting databases

  • In general needs to align with demonstration of NDS capabilities
  • How does this fit with the repository of last resort?

Question:  what is the lifespan for a pilot project

  • Upcoming workshops/conferences
    • Bridging Big Data (10/4)
    • NCSA Industry (Workbench integration with Spark)
    • SC17 (Workbench integration with HPC)
    • NDS8

NDS8 - Very tentatively looking at 2/7-9, New Mexico

NDS9 - colocate at PEARC and focus on research facilitators?  July, Pittsburg

  • Update on development focus and activities

Action items