2017-09-07 Meeting notes



  • chard

  • Sandra

  • Kenton
  • Jim
  • Larry
  • Christine
  • Craig


Discussion items

Regular meeting schedule
  • 3PM first Thursday

What is workbench
  • Environment for sandboxed interactive analysis near data
  • Environment for deploying portal-like services for providing views into data
  • Tutorial environment
  • Provides a suite of services, tools etc. that can be pieced together and dynamically assembled

In every case so far, the sandboxed "toy" environment is only so useful. Good for playing with data, but need to then scale up.


 Supercomputing 17

  • Demo?
  • Other opportunities

Audience: users who are involved in developing or using scientific software (at scale)


  • Here is a way to utilize resources by developing in a small sandbox and scaling up. 
  • Partnering opportunity to adopt this approach or collaborate

Sandboxed virtualized environment on a mid-tier system. 

  • How to scale that up to HPC

TERA-REF sensor data on roger, 

  • Preliminary analysis in interactive mode (image stitching)
  • How to scale this up to the next stage

Einstein toolkit

  •  Host tutorial instance in workbench, ultimately users want to run at scale
  • Interest in singuarlity

Science gateways monthly webinar
Perhaps December? 30 minute presentation. 

RDA Meeting

  • NDS opportunities

Discussion on RDA fellows

Sandra organizing three workshops

  • Virtual research environments
  • PressQT
  • International gateways

Thursday National Data Service working group

  • Christine will participate

DOI Issuing

Recent changes to EZID and migration to DataCite

  • CDL no longer issuing DOIs 
  • DataCite will put in an EZID-like interface

NDS has a DOI shoulder

→ something we should consider giving more of our datasets DOIs

DataDNS update

Action items